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Seed - General
Chipping Seed
Soaking and Pricking
Pre-sprouting Seed
Stratifying Seed
Cuttings - General
Stem Cuttings
Heel Cuttings
Root Cuttings
Leaf Cuttings
Rooting Hormone
Rooting with Vitamin B1
Rooting with Willow Extract
Dividing Plants
Dividing Orchid Pseudobulbs
Simple Layering
Air Layering
Tip or Trench Layering
Serpentine Layering
Bulbs - General
Bulb Chipping
Bulb Scaling
Twin Scaling
Grafting - General
Cleft or Wedge Grafting
Bud Grafting
Whip Grafting
Side-veneer Grafting
Plants of Home and Garden
Trees and Shrubs
Fruits and Vegetables
Grains and Grasses
Cacti and Succulents
Water Plants
Growth Media
Sphagnum and Peat Moss
Manure, Nitrogen, Potassium
Making Compost
Constructing a Compost Bin
Indoor & Vermicomposting
Compost Tea
Composting Problems
Foliar Feeding
Green Manures
Bone Meal & Other Additives
Manure, Nitrogen, Potassium
Containers and Enclosures
Pots & Potted Plants
Biodegradable Pots
Raised Beds
Cold Frames
Water and Irrigation
Artificial Light
HID Lighting
Aquarium Lighting
On Photosynthesis
Synthetic Mulch
Floating Row Covers
Favorite Gardening Sites
General Information
Specific Interests
Seeds and Seed Catalogs
Gardening Tools
Garden Design
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true or Scotch heather, or Calluna vulgarisyoung Umbrella Plants (Schefflera arboricola) started from seedtomato seedlings under fluorescent lightsrose from seedrose 'Royal Dane'rose plant prior to pruning and replantingdaylily clump ready for divisionMoccasin flower - Cypripedium acauleSansevieria leaf cuttingsRosa Mundi, aka Rosa gallica versicolorFlame vine, Pyrostegia venustaClematis 'Miss Bateman'Saucer Magnolia - Magnolia x soulangeanawood chips mulchBegonia leaf cuttings (detail)Umbrella palm, Cyperus alternifolius, from leaf cuttingSpectrum of visible light and rates of photosynthesisJacobite Rose or Rosa 'Alba Maxima'Plant and aquarium fluorescent lightingBird of Paradise Flower - Strelitzia reginaeFuchsia 'Checkerboard' in bloomEchinocereus engelmannii - Engelmann's hedgehog cactusZinfandel grapes prior to harvestAvocado, in cross-sectionBanana (Musa ensete) seedlingPre-sprouting banana seeds in moist coarse sandDaylily - Hemerocallis - clump divisionDaylily - Hemerocallis - planted after clump divisionpink everlasting or perennial sweetpeaMaking mulchBare-root rose plant, trimmed and plantedWelsh poppy
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