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Fruits and Vegetables

green tomatoes on plant See the sections on specific propagation techniques for general information. More precise details on how to reproduce a species are given only if these differ from the usual. That is, a germinating temperature of 60 to 65F (15 to 18C) is assumed, air layering is done in early summer, etc., unless otherwise stated.

Fruit trees are easily grown. Note, however, that many need to be cross-pollinated in order to produce fruit, and that a cold period of variable length, or chilling period, is typically required to break dormancy. This period of time varies markedly even within a species, depending on the cultivar, and one should check carefully whether a given type will reliably produce fruit in a specific area, before buying.

Zinfandel grapes prior to harvestAvocado, in cross-sectionPapaya tree with ripening fruitChili peppers
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