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General Information

  • Floridata - nice site with detailed horticultural info on about 750 species. Sections on vines, edible plants, butterfly- and bird-attracting plants, etc.
  • The Kew Royal Botanical Gardens in the U.K. offers some great resources. Their species browser offers very detailed information on some 500 species
  • PlantFiles bills itself as the world's largest plant database, with some 35,000 species, 90,000 cultivars, and over 129,000 images to back its claim
  • The site looks as dull as it sounds. Still, it's great with plant classifications, and typically returns numerous images if you search on a Latin genus name
  • - tropical plants, over 2,300 of them, and more than 13,000 images. Many plants and seeds offered for sale
  • The United States Department of Agriculture Plants Database - fantastic database of North American native and (several thousand) non-native species; more than 30,000 images
  • Wikipedia - the largest, free-content encyclopedia on the internet offers voluminous information on most plant species

    Specific Interests

  • The American Rhododendron Society lists over 1,500 Rhododendrons and Azaleas, 900 images, some good articles, and hosts an annual seed exchange
  • Bonsai4Me offers many articles for beginning and advanced bonsai lovers (fixing mallsai? no problem. Is that gnarled, ratty root really garbage? think again!), as well as great image galleries
  • Despite its name, the Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall does not sell plants. Instead, it hosts 140 cactus-and-succulent-related domains, and another 80 web sites for the same, including many non-english sites
  • The International Carnivorous Plant Society - no joke. The FAQ's good; the 3,000-entry database is excellent
  • The International Euphorbia Society - one of many sites devoted to weird and wonderful Euphorbias
  • The Internet Orchid Photo Encyclopedia - clunky interface, but high-quality images of 6,325 orchid species
  • Waterlilies at - worth the visit

    Should you fault us for not having links to a good site for Camellia or Magnolia, daylilies or herbs - it's not for lack of trying. We just haven't found any we liked enough. Feel free to recommend a site. We're looking for broad scope, detail, and great images.

    Seed Catalogs

    These are some of our favorite suppliers of plant materials. It is biased toward Canadian and U.S. sources, only because that's who we have the most experience with:

  • Cyndi's Catalog of Catalogs - over 2000 mail-order gardening catalogs for USA and Canada, described and rated, plus links to numerous companies outside North America, and other gardening sites
  • Johnny's Selected Seeds - our favorite supplier of quality fruit and vegetable seed
  • Richters Herbs offers about a 1,000 herb varieties
  • Thompson & Morgan - huge, well-known supplier of seed and other plant materials

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