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More Gardening Links

Lee Valley Tools

Lee Valley Tools is undisputably my favourite supplier of woodworking and gardening tools - the selection is huge, and the quality is excellent. They have also generously provided a number of the images used on this site. Contact them at:
    Lee Valley Tools Ltd.
    P.O. Box 6295, Stn. J
    Ottawa, ON
    K2A 1T4
    voice 1-800-267-8767   *   fax 1-800-668-1807


General Gardening Sites

  • Allotment Growing - allotment diaries, photographs, advice about growing vegetables, fruits and herbs with a forum for chatting on the plot
  • Best Guide to Gardening - impressively titled, offers a few articles and many gardening links
  • Floridata - nice site with detailed horticultural info on about 750 species. Sections on vines, edible plants, butterfly- and bird-attracting plants, etc.
  • GardenWeb Forums - discussion forums on subjects ranging from antique roses to cycads to xeriscaping, in multiple languages
  • The Green Gardener - a personal web site about gardening, aimed at the new gardener. Articles, pictures, projects, links, and more
  • features safe and humane Havahart® live animal traps, as well as a selection of organic animal repellents
  • The Hebe Society at promotes the cultivation and conservation of hebes and other New Zealand native plants
  • The Kew Royal Botanical Gardens in the U.K. offers some great resources. Their species browser offers very detailed information on some 500 species
  • Mikes Backyard Garden - personal site on growing and propagating lilies and daylilies, with images of many cultivars as well as Mike's own hybrids
  • PlantFiles bills itself as the world's largest plant database, with some 35,000 species, 90,000 cultivars, and over 129,000 images to back its claim
  • The site looks as dull as it sounds. Still, it's great with plant classifications, and typically returns numerous images if you search on a Latin genus name
  • - tropical plants, over 2,300 of them, and more than 13,000 images. Many plants and seeds offered for sale
  • The United States Department of Agriculture Plants Database - fantastic database of North American native and (several thousand) non-native species; more than 30,000 images
  • Wikipedia - the largest, free-content encyclopedia on the internet offers voluminous information on most plant species
    Top Gardening SitesTop Gardening Sites



  • Cyndi's Catalog of Catalogs - over 2000 mail-order gardening catalogs for USA and Canada, described and rated, plus links to numerous companies outside North America, and other gardening sites
  • Johnny's Selected Seeds - our favorite supplier of quality fruit and vegetable seed
  • Richters Herbs offers about a 1,000 herb varieties
  • Thompson & Morgan - huge, well-known supplier of seed and other plant materials
  • - flower, herb, vegetable, wildflower, and unusual speciality seeds, at £0.95 each
  • Summer Hill Seeds - A seed supplier featuring rare and hard-to-find flower seeds at an affordable price

    - a very extensive list of nurseries and gardens in Australia
    - and for the United Kingdom

    Gardening Solutions, Tools and Accessories

  • The Earth Mall Garden Directory - directory of yard and home garden shopping and gardening supplies
  • The Garden Chest - accessories and tools for home and garden
  • Garden Oasis - offering garden furniture, patio awnings, summerhouses, plants, patio heaters, ponds, sheds, lawnmowers, and more
  • Skid Steer Mini Loaders - Kanga loaders - these are sweet, and I want one! Small, versatile skid steer loaders and attachments. UK-based
  • UK-based - offers garden sheds, storage sheds, pet houses and playhouses, garages, etc.
  • Welcome to MowersPlus - Lawnmowers - Garden Tools - Power Tools - All Terrain Vehicles - wide range of motorized garden equipment, from many vendors

    Garden Design

  • Houston Landscaping - Stonework, sprinkler systems, decks and arbors, patios, mosquito control systems, etc. Free quotes, quality work and service at competitive prices from Fresh Start Landscapes in Houston, Texas
  • Landscape Design DIY - many landscape designs: sketches as well as pictures of implemented designs. The links often look like advertisements, but there's some good content here, and some nice external links
  • Planting for Pleasure - Qualified gardener and designer will create planting plans and solutions for your garden. Based in London and Wiltshire, UK

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