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Grow'Em Plant Propagation Database

New Grow'Em contentSections on Insect and Other Pests and Organic Pest Control.

Derived from the acclaimed freeware Grow'Em 2000, this database describes the propagation of over 1200 plant species from seeds, cuttings, layerings, etc. Composting techniques and fertilizers, growth media and lighting are presented in detail, as are foliar feeding, planting bare-root specimens, floating row covers, grafting techniques, etc.

Currently featured on this site:

Plants are also indexed by category, i.e. Plants of Home and Garden, Trees and Shrubs, Fruits and Vegetables, Herbs, Grains and Grasses, Cacti and Succulents, Water Plants, Bonsai, and Orchids.

Clematis, virgin's bower

Plant of the Week: Clematis, virgin's bower

Clematis species -
Plants of Home and Garden, Trees and Shrubs

Sow sparingly, just covered, outdoors in a cold frame from mid-fall through mid-winter, keep moist. Or sow indoors spring or summer, stratify 2-3 weeks. May have double dormancy and take a year or more to germinate. Move outdoors in summer.

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Plant Propagation Techniques

Grow'Em features details on numerous plant propagation techniques: growing from seed, cuttings, or layering. Division, grafting, the growing of plants from bare-root specimens, and bulb techniques are covered.

From the broad subject headings above, you dig easily into further detail. Need to know how to stratify or pre-chill seed, to break dormancy? Chipping seed or twin scaling bulbs, or dividing orchids pseudobulbs? Reproducing bonsai? Find it here.

Optimal Growing Conditions

Plants are (mostly) incredibly robust, adaptable, forgiving - but all have their limits. To propagate successfully, to truly thrive, match your growing environment to the needs of the plants. That's one of our goals: to provide you the information you need to choose the best conditions to propagate the plant of your choice. Search the plant index; find your plant. Get the info. Need more? Follow the hyperlinks to more specific entries: compost or fertilization or lighting.

Again, less commonly addressed subjects are covered in some detail. We have bone meal and other natural additives, compost tea and cold frames, double digging and biodegradable pots. And more: use either these links, or the menu bar to the left, to find the subject you're interested in.

Image Gallery

Newest additions:

Purple coneflower in very light shadeGlobe artichoke, Cynara scolymusYoung olive plant, started from cuttingOlive ripening on the branch