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Freesia species

Plants of Home and Garden

May be started from seed in spring: soak 24 hours in warm water, then sow in peaty soil, 1/4" deep, 65F/18C. Sprouting is erratic. Good drainage and rich, sandy soil required. Plant corms after last frost, 2" deep, 2-3" apart, even less in pots. When leaves fall, dig and dry corms, and store cool, slightly damp and dark, to overwinter. Zone 9-10

Alternatively, add a growing/flowering season by re-planting indoors in early winter, shallowly in rich soil, kept under 50F/10C and shady, watering sparingly. When upward growth resumes, provide warmer temperatures and good indirect light. Move outside the next spring

The second schedule mimics the plant's own winter-growing pattern, which may be followed quite independent of schedule number one: plant and re-plant bulbs in early fall, keep cool and dry until growth starts, then bring them in and support their winter growth through flowering, or leave outside in zones 9 and 10. When leaves die back, reduce watering, and keep dry and dormant during summer. Remove offsets when repotting

Plants of Home and Garden
Soaking and Pricking

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